Do the Olympians Gods really exist?

Are they still living among us as the ancient Greeks believed?

And if they are, how do they look like?

Following the highly acclaimed ‘Wise Reinvented’ Series, Stavros Damos,

a Thessaloniki based artist, in collaboration with ‘My Greek Games’,

created a series of portraits, that capture today’s aesthetic with a

realistic but at the same time surrealistic feel!


Wether they are tasting wine at the vineyards of Santorini, or just sunbathing

at the beaches of Crete, or simply enjoying nature at the foothills of mount

Olympus, these detailed portraits, with clear, fine lines and statuelike

poses bring every God to life in the most visually eye pleasing way!


Finally the Gods found their place in the world!

98% Cotton / 2% Viscose

Comes in a gift tube!


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